Modern Outdoor Teak Furniture: Timeless Style for Your Outdoor Space

In a sea of modern outdoor teak furniture, you need pieces that stand out. While many materials are used for outdoor settings, teak wood is unique. It's beautiful and highly durable, making it a good choice for any outdoor space. Teak is known for its ability to withstand all kinds of weather, from heavy rain and humidity to intense sun.  

Teak is popular for several compelling reasons. First, it's full of natural oils that prevent water absorption and damage from pests. This makes the wood stronger and more durable than other woods. Additionally, it's easy to look after – requiring little maintenance – which makes it perfect for use as modern outdoor teak furniture.

Our Outdoor Collection at the Amsterdam Studio enjoying some sunshine before friends arrive to spoil the peace. Photo: Studio Botanica, 2023.

Teak's Rich History and Sustainable Sourcing

Historically, teak's robustness made it an ideal material for shipbuilding, and maritime powers used it. Today, most high-quality teak comes from large dominant deciduous trees found in mixed hardwood forests indigenous to India and South-East Asia. Furthermore, molecular studies reveal that India is one of the centers of the genetic origin of teak. Kerala, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh are some of the prime teak growing states in India.

Interestingly, the teak used in the best furniture today is often reclaimed, taken from the center of mature trees, milled 70-90 years ago, and is hardened. Hence, the aged properties ensures the wood is not only more durable, but also up-cycled responsibly into modern outdoor teak furniture

As lovers of nature and advocates for its protection we source sustainably and use reclaimed timber. This, reduces the harm to trees in the production process of our outdoor furniture.⁠ 

A batch of aged reclaimed teak (Tectona Grandis) awaits production at our Mumbai Workshop. Photo: Studio Botanica, 2023. 

Modern Outdoor Teak Furniture: Year-Round Elegance

Our Outdoor Collection is influenced by Pierre Jeanneret's indoor collection and other iconic models that first apperared in Chandigarh, India, during the 1950s. Defined by their modern mid-century aesthetics, these pieces feature iconic geometric forms. In contrast to the indoor collection, the cane is replaced with slatted components, making them more robust. The Armless Easy Chair boasts vertical backrest slats and horizontal seat slats, supported by 'V-shaped' legs and a slanted backrest. Conversely, the Bench showcases a long, rectangular surface with wide slats and a stabilizing crosspiece, blending style with stability. 

The Slatted Student Chair and Easy Chair are outdoor adaptations of their indoor counterparts, preserving the classic mid-century charm with breathable slats and supportive angled backrests. In addition, horizontal bars reinforce the Easy Chair under the seat.

Moreover, all items are finished with an Italian-made polyurethane (PU) coating. This protects the teakwood from environmental elements. Although the natural properties of teakwood favor outdoor use – the coating adds an additional layer of protection to ensure its golden color is preserved.

Our Slatted Armless Easy Chair and Bench made from aged 70-90 year old reclaimed teak. Photo: Studio Botanica, 2023. 

Discover the Timeless Beauty of Teak in Your Garden

Teak is versatile and fits well in any garden or patio. We offer a variety of furniture models to fit your outdoor setting, focusing on timeless and natural designs. Depending on the space's use, you can find dining tables and chairs for a dining setting in our collection or benches and low chairs for a lounge area. Playing with colors and materials is essential when creating a harmonious environment, often by introducing contrasting elements. 

Our outdoor furniture comes in Natural Teak and a Bleached finish. In addition, you can complete the desired look and feel with some textile seating pads. Available in over 30+ colors, our extensive range of textile options provides the versatility to achieve your perfect setting. These seating pads not only adds a visual flair to your furniture, but also provides the added comfort needed for those long summer nights. 

Our Armless Easy Chair combines elegance and durability with geometric V-shaped legs and a slanted backrest made from antiqued reclaimed teakwood. Italian-made PU coating protects against the elements. Photo: Studio Botanica, 2023. 

The Sustainability of Teak beyond furniture

Finally, choosing teak for your outdoor furniture extends beyond aesthetics and durability. By respecting living teak trees, we promote healthy ecosystems and the preservation of carbon sinks that combat climate change. In addition, using aged teak ensures that existing reclaimed wood stock is recycled at the end of its life. This makes our wood an environmentally friendly choice for modern outdoor teak furniture – so we only use reclaimed teak in our collections.

Teak’s exquisite grains observed close-up on our popular outdoor bench. Photo: Studio Botanica, 2023. 

Preserving the future beyond the garden

To conclude, modern outdoor teak furniture enhances outdoor living areas by offering unmatched durability and aesthetic appeal. Lastly, preserving living forests also plays an essential role in environmental advocacy, proving reclaimed teak's value and appeal as a superior furnishing choice.

For further details and expert guidance on our outdoor collection, we invite you to consult with our dedicated customer service team

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