Cane Weaves

All of our products are available in two different cane weave patterns: Grid Weave and Honeycomb Weave. Both options give the furniture a distinct appearance and accentuate their different personalities.

  • Grid Weave

    The Grid Weave is the more traditional weaving method for rattan cane. Most of the original pieces from the Chandigarh Collection from the 1950s use the Grid Weave pattern for their seat and back rest. Its structure is more simple than the Honeycomb Weave leading to a more calm visual appearance.

  • Honeycomb Weave

    The Honeycomb Weave is the more commonly seen pattern used in furniture made with woven rattan cane. Hence, it is more recognizable and gives the piece a modern look. In addition, the structure is more complex than the Grid Weave pattern which gives the texture a softer touch.

For more guidance in the choice and combination of wood finishes, cane weave options and textiles – we are happy to help!