Who We Are

Welcome to Studio Botanica!

We are Silvio and Lucas – two friends with a shared passion for handmade furniture and interior design. 

Studio Botanica is a maker of handmade teak and cane-woven furniture. Silvio Hochuli and Lucas Thompson founded Studio Botanica. With backgrounds in design, we share a passion for craftsmanship, art, nature, aesthetics, and traditional Indian woodworking. We have a presence in Amsterdam, Zurich, and Mumbai. Our objective has always been to build furniture of the finest quality. We make our pieces from aged reclaimed teak and hand-woven rattan cane. Each piece in our collection is individually assembled using traditional wooden joinery and weaving techniques - without the use of machines.

A genuine interest in Modernist and Mid-Century design extends to every aspect of Studio Botanica's collection. Our fascination with Swiss-Indian design history has inspired us to re-create and customize Modernist classics made with traditional Indian woodworking methods. A family of expert carpenters and weavers in Mumbai make each piece in our collection by hand using only natural materials before careful delivery to our customers.

Sustainability for us means making furniture from aged recycled teak reclaimed from India's demolished colonial-era buildings. Old, solid timber provides more durability and accents our wood's grain. We believe reclaimed timber reveals the beauty of its 200-year-old history and ensures no living trees are harmed in our production process.

Studio Botanica looks forward to sharing our journey and the colorful stories behind them as our unique design language is applied to future collections. 

Thank you for visiting, and please let us know if we can assist you.

Silvio & Lucas