Wood Finishes

All of our products are available in Natural Teak, Aged Light, Aged Dark, and Charcoal wood finishes. Each option adds its own unique look and feel to our furniture and accents the aged teakwood's grains.

  • Natural Teak

    For the Natural Teak option, the wood is sanded to a smooth surface and then finished with transparent wood polish and sealer accentuating the natural and unique brown color of teak.

  • Teak Light

    To achieve the Teak Light look a teak stain is applied by hand to give the wood a more intense, deeper tone.

  • Teak Dark

    For the Teak Dark option the same process as for the Teak Light wood finish is applied - only with a darker stain.

  • Charcoal

    The charcoal finish is the darkest tone we offer. For this, the wood is painted using an environmentally friendly and water-based paint that yet lets the wood's patterns and grains show through.

Each piece of furniture is unique and has its very own character. The choice of wood finish color is a great opportunity to customize your product to match your interior.

Natural Teak

Teak Light

Teak Dark


For additional wood finish options or custom inquiries please get in touch with us.