Cane weaving

Harvested sustainably from local sources, our skilled weavers invest days in crafting each piece, highlighting the artistry of hand-woven rattan cane.

Cane Weaving

Cane weaving has always required dedication and patience. The hand-woven rattan cane weaving used in each build take several days for a single weaver to complete. Most pieces from Studio Botanica's Pierre Jeanneret collection contain hand-woven rattan cane and are available in the Grid Weave and Diamond Weave finish.

Our cane is also sourced locally and harvested in a sustainable way. Rattan Cane comes from a palm plant; it is a type of vine that climbs up the trunks and branches of trees and commonly found throughout India and South-East Asia.

A skilled cane weaver learns the Grid and Diamond pattern through decades of learning. The process begins by harvesting the cane; hand-peeling and drying it using traditional methods without any chemical or machine treatment. This ensures hand-made authenticity that respects the chairs durability, original design and integrity.