Material Sourcing

Studio Botanica's material sourcing involves the careful selection of grain patterns, and ensuring our plant materials such as rattan cane - have been sustainably sourced. There are no exceptions to this rule for any piece in our collection.

Material Sourcing

Why Material Sourcing is Important? 

Material sourcing is important for making good quality products. Our furniture is made with aged reclaimed teakwood (Tectona Grandis) salvaged from old colonial-era building's that were demolished. 

Timber Sourcing

When material sourcing timber, we take time to carefully select old beams and rafters. We do this make sure they contain unique grains. Once the best pieces of timber are cut into planks and re-sized, they are then crafted into Pierre Jeanneret furniture from our collection.

Old, solid timber provides more durability and accents the wood’s grain. Revealing the beauty of its 90-year-old history, the old timber tells a story. In addition, by using reclaimed timber we reduce the harm to living trees in the production process of our furniture. 

Rattan Cane Sourcing

Studio Botanica’s rattan cane is locally and sustainably sourced. The cane weaving process combines decades of knowledge by artisans from India’s weaving communities.

Material sourcing our cane starts with harvesting it. By hand-peeling and drying the cane using traditional methods without any chemical or machine treatment, the weaver can commence the Grid or Diamond Cane Weaves. This ensures hand-made authenticity that respects the chairs durability, original design and integrity.